Intimate moments

Watching a child grow – as an outsider – is exhilarating. I can only imagine what it must feel like for a mother, a father, a parent to care for a life they created themselves.

Not having children of my own (yet), it’s a magical process to witness a woman’s body change through and after pregnancy. It takes so much power – physical and mental – to grow a human life inside of one’s own body, that I feel almost compelled to research every aspect of it – being a woman myself.

In a small, familiar setting the time between you and your child becomes everlasting. I want to gift you by capturing this special moment.

To me, nudity is the purest form of conveying who you are. It’s why most of my portfolio is showing quite a bit of skin. However, that is not a must for our session. First and foremost, I want you to feel comfortable. In general, I recommend neutral clothing and little to no make-up. If you do decide to have partly or fully naked images taken and don’t have any experience so far, my sessions slowly ease into it so that you can fully relax. You partner is, of course, welcome to join.